Do you know the work of Shakespeare, Sartre or Orwell? You must have analysed their syntax, style and composition at school many times. But have you ever though about the possibility of visualising their style without reading a single word?

In the colours of books our goal was to let the audience re-visit those best seller from another perspective. To do that, we decided to transform them into data in order to analyse what’s what behind the classics of literature.

We converted every single word into different colours depending of it’s commonness in the english language. The procedure revealed a unique fresco depending on the style of each writer. The website of the project gives the user the possibility to dig into three selected books: The Little prince, Hamlet and Fifty Shades of Grey. Besides this, we designed posters to display the complex game of colours that this books turned out to be.

We worked with D3.js, and created a inDesign script to visualise the colors. We rendered three extracts from three different books, to posteriorly compare the amount of common words.The darker green represents the first hundred most common words, then each thousand words after have a brighter colors. We had an option to sort the visualisation by the ranking of the word.

My Role
In this project I was in charge of the research and ideation process. I also did research on the technology and software to process the data, while my teammates coded. I worked with inDesign to create the posters.

Coming soon

A Hyper Island project realised by Thomas Bouillot, Caroline Thordenberg, Émilie Norström