During the last decade, technology has transformed the way we experience everything, including culture. Consequently institutions such as museums are perceived as old and irrelevant because of the gap between the experience they propose and our daily digital lives. As a consequence, museums are facing a declining interest, especially from the younger generations.

What if we could regain people’s interest by showing that paintings made by the old masters aren’t that far from what floods our social channels? What if we could create a connection with everyday life scenes on Facebook, selfies/portraits on Instagram with old paintings?

We developed a concept that shows the emotional similarities between today’s snapshots and those old paintings. By using facial recognition technology (detecting gender, expression and age) we connect and link your visage to a painting from the Rijksmuseum’s database that match your characteristics. In a way that your emotions will shorten the distance between you and the paintings. We pictured the prototype to be installed as interactive billboards in Amsterdam where you can go take a picture of your face and in a split second the billboard will project your double from the museum.

My Role
In this project I was in charge of the research. I had also a strong input finding the insight and pushing the ideation process, of course being part of the whole group and trying to align our personal and professional goals. I own the copywriting, the editing of the video, and the front-end development of the prototype.

More than 10.000 people tried the experience. The project was featured on several blogs, Vice and PSFK among others. And the Rijksmuseum’s team showed excitement and interest on our project.

A Hyper Island project done by : Thomas Bouillot, Rikke Hindborg, Amir Ismail, Sandra Valenca
With the Rijksmuseum API and Sightcorp API

“Dear Rijksmuseum, please contact these Swedes and make Rijks Emotions an experience that can be hung in the museum”

“The highly-personalized recognition offers an interactive and immersive viewing experience through a modern-day lens”